5 Things Every Home Office Should Have to Actually Be ProductiveWorking from home occasionally or having a home office where you can actually get work done is essential.

Below we have shared five ways to make your home office a sanctuary for productivity and success:

1. Have a desk chair you can live in

The most important feature of a home office is a chair you can sit in for long periods of time in order to work comfortably. People don’t connect their back and neck issues with a bad chair, but if you don’t have a good one, you can be in an awful lot of pain before you know it. Even though you might be tempted to re-purpose a chair you already have, a dining room chair is never going to cut it. A decent desk chair will probably cost between $350 and $500.

The chair might be a wingback chair, a larger chair with an ottoman, or even a recliner. This will provide a comfortable seat for visiting clients — or a change of scenery for you.

2. Don’t have too many personal effects, but do show some personality.

Nobody wants a home office that looks like a drab corporate office- but if you want that then go back to the corporate office! A home office is meant to be more comfortable, with more wood and earth tones and less stainless steel. Don’t be afraid to show some personality! For example, if you collect baseball memorabilia, display it — but do it professionally.

3. Eliminate (or at least hide) the clutter

Do you keep a lot of old magazines, newsletters or industry publications around? Store them in an aesthetically pleasing way or in a closet where they’re mostly out of sight. If you don’t need to look at those items frequently, then it’s time to box them up and store them, give them away or throw them away.

4. Get an adjustable-height desk

Everyone is thinking of ergonomics. People are tired of spending their entire day slouched over their computer typing- and developing neck and shoulder pain. We’ve all realized that the sedentary life is not great. Adjustable-height desks are now available at most office furniture stores and, unlike treadmill desks, the ability to stand at a desk is not a passing fad.

5. Have some colors

Add some color to your office with a nice rug, artwork, or paint- but don’t just throw paint on the walls without thinking about it. Color can change the mood of an office quicker than anything else. For example: If you like green, choose an earthy green — not a fluorescent green. Don’t use too many bright colors- you aren’t trying to replicate McDonald’s!

The YourOffice team will help by setting up the room, installing the equipment and arranging for breaks or catering. We take care of all the details, so you can take care of making the presentation and closing the deal.

Article source: mainstreet.com

Photo Credit: mainstreet.com