111111Statistics show that one in five people are a pain to work with at the office according to Susan Solovic, author of a recent article, Four Tips to Prevent and Handle Workplace Conflict.  You could be among the four great folks and certainly not the source of conflict; however, even among amiable people, conflicts arise. It’s a normal part of life.

As a small business owner in small office space Orlando, you know how paralyzing office conflicts can be. Here are some tips to help you maintain smooth sailing while at work.

Be a People Person

Sometimes, small business owners can become so engrossed by their goal and the “inner workings” of their business in day offices that they overlook the human side. You don’t need to become a social butterfly; however, you need to learn how to read your employees mannerisms to detect conflict early on.

When you hire new people, inquire about their interpersonal skills and traits.  Discuss the subject during the interview and with previous employers from short term offices and personal references.

Be a Coach with Clear Instructions

  • Teach your employees to value a respectful work environment.
  • Do not tolerate office gossip, bullying and other negative behavior.
  • Teamwork is essential for business success.
  • Tell your team in staffed flexible offices that they shouldn’t try and please everyone.
  • Tell your employees that you’re open to dialog, especially when resolving conflicts.
  • Teach your employees that the customer’s opinion that trumps everything. When a customer perceives that employees have conflict, it weakens the credibility of the business as a whole.
  • Tell your employees that you expect them to iron out small differences in an honest, humble and timely manner. If they come to an impasse, they may bring the problem to their immediate supervisor.

Be Proactive

Don’t let problems workplace conflict worsen. Should a conflict arise, think and act towards a solution.  Make sure your employees understand how important a calm and peaceful is to you and your business. This includes letting them know that they are replaceable if they continue to create conflicts. This shows them that you’re responsible for providing a healthy work atmosphere for all employees.


Have you experienced workplace conflict in your business?  Feel free to share your comments below and on our social media networks.

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