office space South ParkA recent article 5 Word-of-Mouth Tips from Small Business Owners by Eric Groves says that customers satisfaction with your products and services is the best way of generating word of mouth for your business.

Here’s how to increase your Word-of-mouth advocates to help your business thrive.

  1. Appreciate those who refer you.

Every time you receive a new customer through referral from your regular client or fellow local business owner, reach out and thank that person. It can be in the form of a small gift, letter of appreciation or a discount on his/her next purchase.

In whichever way you do it, appreciating those for their referrals encourages them to keep coming back.

  1. Ask your new customers how they heard about you.

Ask your new clients where or how they heard about you and jot it down. With this you will understand how your WOM is working.

  1. Turn your word-of-mouth advocates into written testimonials.

Invite your loyal customers to write testimonials about your products and services on your website and business social media networks. Customers written testimonials are effective ways  of promoting your brand.

  1. Provide materials for your WOM advocates.

Distribute materials like business cards and flyers about your products and services so they can tell others.

  1. Give referrals to other local businesses.

If someone comes to you looking for any products or services you don’t provide, refer them to your fellow businesses and let them know that you sent them. And with that gesture, your fellows businesses will send customers looking for products and services that you have.  It is a reciprocal act that benefits all in the community.


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Do you have other means to increase word-of mouth? Please feel free to share your comments below. We’d also like to invite you on Twitter and Facebook.