A recent article, 6 Ways to Keep Your Startup Agile While Growing by John Rampton compares small start‐up with a football player. 5’11” is the typical height for a running back and his smaller size allows him to be quick and nimble. Just like a running back player, small start‐ups are flexible and agile. However, staying small is not in the game plan.

Here are five steps to keep your business agile while rising!

Be ready to change.

Small start‐ups open to change are more adept at reducing the impact of outside forces, as well as profiting by the doors they might open.

Seek top talent.

As your business grows you tend to fall into a cycle of hiring mediocre talent just to get a position filled. To ensure that you don’t take that cycle, examine job candidate’s resume thoroughly. Look for experience working at a company that is on the same field as yours. Ensure that the applicants are capable and smart, and can adapt to a fast‐paced and ever changing environment.

Use cloud computing.

Since many start ups allow their employees to work remotely and on flexible time schedule, the cloud is a tremendous way for workforce to stay in touch and communicate when they aren’t in the agile office space. Likewise, combining big data with the cloud allows businesses to have storage within the cloud and utilize CRM software on any device, everywhere.

Maintain open communication.

It’s easy in a small business to keep an open atmosphere where new plans and decisions big and small are always communicated. However, as your business grows it’s necessary to create a team whose key responsibility is to communicate everything down the line, keeping that start up feel.

Aim to grow.

To set a goal for growth is to look at your present market and its growth, then aim higher make it harder that you won’t settle into complacency.


Following these steps will help your small business stay competitive. YourOffice offers you solutions to keep your business agility. YourOffice features a network of world‐class business addresses. Each location offers beautifully appointed day offices and team office space that are fully wired and ready for you to move in and start working.

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