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4 Mistakes on Corporate Social Accounts that Turn Job Seekers Off

A recent article, 4 Mistakes Your Social‐Media Profiles May Be Committing With Job Seekers by Heather R. Huhman says that employer branding serves as a company's identity and influences talent acquisition, employee satisfaction and engagement. More companies are using social media to attain a strong employer brand. However, social media has the ability to 'make ...

5 Steps to Keep Your Business Agile While Rising

A recent article, 6 Ways to Keep Your Startup Agile While Growing by John Rampton compares small start‐up with a football player. 5'11' is the typical height for a running back and his smaller size allows him to be quick and nimble. Just like a running back player, small start‐ups are flexible and agile. However, ...

How Word Of Mouth Advertising Will Grow Your Business

A recent article, How To Attract Customers by Chris LoCurto agrees that the most powerful element in buying decisions today is the word of mouth. Therefore, without a doubt, your business success depends on the quality of the experience you create for your customers-whether it’s good or bad, they’re going to talk about it on ...

4 Trends of Top Innovative Businesses

A recent article, Four Drivers of Change: Business Trends Driving Innovation by Andrew Blau believes that the future of business is evidently being molded by four new facts of modern life. Made possible by digital technologies and social media, each is important on its own, they are driving innovation in nearly every segment: pulling down hurdles ...

4 Ways to Establish Top-Notch Leadership Communication

A recent article, Four Tips for Effective Leadership Communications, by Richard Kirby, observes that a company’s culture is created and formed by it’s business owner and key executives. Effective communication is key to achieve a successful company culture. Below are four tips to help get you started on evaluating and possibly improving your communication skills as ...
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