Virtual OfficeThe act of bestowing a name is a significant tradition in cultures around the world. Names have meaning, stories, and power. Many celebrities change their names when they come into fame and fortune. Why? Research has shown that the names of people, food, medicine, and even theme park rides can affect the way people perceive them.

Below are 4 tips to help you choose the right name for you startup.

1.Define your business

The name of your business should match the feel of your company. What adjectives do you want to subconsciously send when people see or hear your business’ name? For example, in Maine, there is a lumber company named “Viking Lumber.” Besides raiding and pillaging, vikings also inspire images of strength, durability, and skillfulness. “Viking” is a much better name for a lumber company than a daycare center. Yes?

It’s important that the name you choose conjures images that compliment your business’ identity.

2.Choose a name, like it’s a tattoo

Of course, you can always change the name of your business later. But it can prove to be quite a hassle and you risk confusing or even losing customers. So, it’s better to aim for choosing a name you will want to stick with permanently. This name will be on your business cards, company letterheads, email address and in your dreams. Create mock marketing ads that have the name and logo, so you can make sure you like the look of it.

You are the captain of this ship, give her a name you’re proud of!

3.Consider your target audience

What name will appeal most to the customers you want to attract? For example, “Sea the World” is a travel company that specializes in cruise excursions. “Life is Good” is a clothing outfitter that values optimism and the great outdoors.

For some businesses, the use of puns, or familiar phrases is a clever way to create a unique brand name. For other businesses, sophistication is key. The title of Apple’s first brochure was “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The name “Apple” was just that; simple, clean, and easy to remember. For Steve Jobs, a kitchy name just didn’t suit the ideals of his business.

Don’t just choose a name you like, choose a name that represents your business well.

4.Make it memorable

The name of your business needs to be easy for people to think of. Try to avoid long titles or a name that is frustratingly complex. For example, Eastern Detroit Family Dental Practitioners and Associates is annoying to say and write down. “Say Cheese Dentistry” is comforting and to the point. A customer searching for a family dentist is much more likely to choose “Say Cheese” over “Easter Detroit Family blah blah blah.”

Choose wisely

So, when it comes to choosing a name for your business, consider the weight of it. A mediocre brand name isn’t going to doom your business. But the name you choose will encompass the identity and reliability of you, your company, and everything attached to it. Take the time to research and test out your brand name, it will be worth it.

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