co working office spaceA recent article, Small Business: Co-working Etiquette by Caitlin Sykes tells that co-working space has different culture than other workplaces because the atmosphere is different where everyone works in different areas of business, with different paces.

There’s a range of good behavior that’s helpful to observe when you’re in a coworking office space.

Here are some considerations related to successful business operation in a shared office space.

  • There are individuals working close by you, but they have their own businesses, so there can be competing priorities at times and business owners have to make allotments for that.
  • Ensure there’s good communication about using shared resources like printers and meeting rooms.
  • Keep noise levels down. Be conscious and considerate of the variety of parties using the space.  It’s distracting and rude to have loud discussions in quiet work areas where people need to focus.
  • Don’t pounce on someone else’s client to sell your product especially when they’ve just stepped out of a meeting.
  • Don’t use the environment to sell your products to coworkers – unless they approach you first.
  • Don’t disclose agreement/clause with members stating anything overheard in the shared office space.
  • Don’t assume all your clients and stakeholders are as comfortable in a shared space as you are. If someone arrives for an important meeting with you take them straight into a conference room to make it clear that privacy is important.
  • Don’t leave your clients standing around a lot of different people they don’t know, bring them to the client lounge.


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