A recent article, Don’t Treat Small Business Accounts Like Personal Lines by Alan L. Shulman discusses that some small businesses are getting shortchange in the frantic rush to streamline and digitize virtually every insurance transaction and relationship activity.

The year 2016 brings with it more digital benefits to your agency and clients. Stay connected with small business accounts and treat them with the respect they’re due. For all you know their company growing.

Here’s how:

Show genuine interest

Keep and convey genuine interest in the benefit of each small firm you insure to grow with this year and to attain your promise as a business.

Re-examine Small Accounts

Constantly reconsider your small-business book for potential growth accounts. Fishing for leads from within this base is an effective, reasonable method for producers to develop new business opportunities and at the same time, strengthening client loyalty.

Avoid the black hole

Don’t permanently abandon every account under $X in premium or commission into the black hole of an internal small-business unit handled by overworked staffers. Otherwise the possibility grows for losing the business to competitors (both traditional and digital-centric) who value these accounts more than you do.

Deliver renewals in person

Rather than just leaving small-business renewals in the mail, other producers or eager “renewal specialists” can perform pre-renewal or policy delivery appointments with selected insureds. When a firm’s policies are digitally delivered online, stop by and display them on a smartphone, tablet or notebook PC.


Don’t shortchange small businesses but consider them as giants who have the potential to grow into sizeable accounts. So, consistently seek for growing businesses within this world; all you need is a hardworking team and a great workspace solution to make the effort profitable. YourOffice is a leader in providing the most prestigious fully serviced office space and meeting space for any size business. Convenient, hassle free, and move in ready- our offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms are designed to meet your business’ every need.

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