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5 Hiring Techniques to Attract Top Talent

A recent article, 7 Unique Recruiting Strategies to Hire Great People by Nate Matherson says that hiring top talents can be incredibly tough­­­they often have a lot of choices. Hence you need to be creative in forming your recruitment techniques. Here are five hiring techniques to attract great talent. 1. Make your present employees satisfied Satisfied employees can ...

How Not To Disregard Small Business Accounts

A recent article, Don’t Treat Small Business Accounts Like Personal Lines by Alan L. Shulman discusses that some small businesses are getting shortchange in the frantic rush to streamline and digitize virtually every insurance transaction and relationship activity. The year 2016 brings with it more digital benefits to your agency and clients. Stay connected with small business ...

4 Trends of Top Innovative Businesses

A recent article, Four Drivers of Change: Business Trends Driving Innovation by Andrew Blau believes that the future of business is evidently being molded by four new facts of modern life. Made possible by digital technologies and social media, each is important on its own, they are driving innovation in nearly every segment: pulling down hurdles ...

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Increase Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A recent article 5 Word-of-Mouth Tips from Small Business Owners by Eric Groves says that customers satisfaction with your products and services is the best way of generating word of mouth for your business. Here’s how to increase your Word-of-mouth advocates to help your business thrive. Appreciate those who refer you. Every time you receive a new ...

What’s in a Name? Choosing the Right Name for Your Business

The act of bestowing a name is a significant tradition in cultures around the world. Names have meaning, stories, and power. Many celebrities change their names when they come into fame and fortune. Why? Research has shown that the names of people, food, medicine, and even theme park rides can affect the way people perceive ...
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