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The Lowdown on Co-working Space Etiquette

A recent article, Small Business: Co-working Etiquette by Caitlin Sykes tells that co-working space has different culture than other workplaces because the atmosphere is different where everyone works in different areas of business, with different paces. There’s a range of good behavior that's helpful to observe when you're in a coworking office space. Here are some considerations ...

5 Ways to Utilize Word of Mouth as Your Marketing Tool

A recent article, 5 Steps You Must Take to Build Your Business by Word of Mouth by Brian O'Connor, explains that the easiest and most practical way to generate new leads is through referrals. Customers can be your advocates--their satisfaction with your products or services can become trumpets sounding for your brand. Here are five things ...

Disaster Happens: Is Your Small Business Prepared?

Flu season and winter storms are here, which could mean a slowdown in employee productivity.  This slowdown can lead to disaster if your small business doesn’t have a contingency plan in place. While everyone thinks about creating a remote worker environment after a major disaster, it’s something that should be on the books and tested on ...