A recent article titled 3 Surprising Secrets To Finding Your Next Level by Dan Rockwell says that great power involves self-development. Those who excel believe in their talent, improve their skill and develop their strength.

Below are 3 amazing sources of self-development to leveling up

Start – Start before you feel fully adequate

  • The most significant step toward progress is starting stuff.
  • Connect the courage to start with commitment to improve yourself. You never finish what you don’t start. Start because you believe in improving your skill.
  • Start and grow as you go.
  • It’s too late if you feel ready.

Tip: Move toward discomfort. Turning from discomfort is turning from the next level.

Delay – Open your mind when you encounter delay

  • Delay improves creativity. Frustration in response to delay drives you to press harder, but shuts your mind to new ideas. An angry brain doesn’t give new ideas.
  • Delay develops grit when you open your mind to creative ideas.

Tip: Keep calm while pressing through delay. Ask if there’s any alternative.

Irritating people – Learn to connect with people who irritate you

  • Find the next level by increasing your ability to deal with diverse, even annoying individuals. You limit your power by limiting the types of people you get along with. Success will include working in shared office space with someone you don’t like.
  • Irritants promote humility.
  • Humility extends capacity.

Tip: Focus on the strengths, not the weaknesses, of people who treat you the wrong way


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