111Here are some simple tips on how to create a motivating and inspirational workplace.

As we all know, most of us spend more time at work than we do at home with our own families. A recent article, 5 Incredibly Simple Steps for a More Creative Workplace, by Pratik Dholakiya, shares some ideas on how to create a creative workplace.

  1. Stimulating workplace

Our environments has a direct bearing on our dispositions. Add a little personality into your day offices with designs that are bright and cheerful.

Create small corners and meeting areas in team office space where groups can meet up and share new ideas. Bring down the walls and invest in an open concept workplace that lets every employee see everyone else face to face.

  1. Open, fearless communication

One of the biggest obstacles to an inspired, creative workplace is fear.

Encourage open communication by becoming the example. Communicate with individual team members to get to know them and their strengths. Engage your team in discussions about significant matters and ask for their opinions is one way to liberate them from the constant fear of consequences.

  1. Intimate Small Groups 

Keep your teams in staffed flexible offices small and lean. Not only will they be easier to manage, you’ll probably get your most creative output from these small teams.

In an exciting interview with FastCompany, Dan Satterthwaite from DreamWorks Animation shares the secrets of DreamWorks’ success. While the company employs over 1,600 people, no team ever exceeds seven members in size.

Satterthwaite explains that intimate groups are best to extract the best creative work from their employees. The level of trust that members of a small group have in each other disappears in large impersonal teams.

  1. The Chill Zone

The most innovative businesses in the world recognize their employees’ need to relax and refresh themselves. This describes the millions of dollars they often spend on building recreational facilities where employees can take a break from work and refresh their minds.


With these thoughts you can create your workplace exciting and rewarding to everyone. YourOffice is a world-class network of business centres providing clients with fully serviced full-time offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms, all available with flexible terms and on-demand. Simply work with our team to create the office plan that’s perfect for your business.