1111In one way or another, you are always a salesperson.  You may “sell” your personal brand for a new position or your own company’s products and services to prospects. Having strong selling skills is a lifelong asset. A recent article, 6 Steps to Closing a Sale and Becoming a Powerful Salesperson, by Personal Branding Blog, discusses six tips for winning sales contributing to your overall business success.

  1. Qualify the prospect

It’s important that you qualify the prospect from your virtual office prior to investing your billable time. If the prospect is not considering your offer, move on. Qualifying leads is an integral aspect of closing sales.

  1. Identify your client’s needs

Use tools like Facebook to research your prospect in day offices prior to meetings. Ask the client what they’re looking to get from your company, what matters to them, and any other question you can think of.

  1. Know Your offerings and limitations

People do not buy from sales professionals, they buy from experts they trust. Know the full scale of your offerings, as well as what you can and cannot offer, to gain self-assurance in addressing the prospect and answering his questions.

  1. Know your competition

Have a strong understanding of your competition to master your own unique selling points. Your competition includes people or companies in short term offices who would get the position/business if you do not. When meeting with the prospect, the objective is to emphasize your valuable solutions that your competition lacks the ability to offer.

  1. Close the deal

It may be as simple as saying, “Thank you so much for this meeting. Do you have any additional questions or is there anything else you need from me to make your decision?” If nothing additional is needed, “Perfect! I’d love to partner with you. Can I send you the contract today?”


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