222222The first move is the most crucial thing to do in any situation and doing it right could bring triumph. In a recent article, Ace Your Initial Client Meetings, by Mike Vraa describes how critical is the first meeting with the client. It determines whether or not you will represent the potential client and get hired. Here are some keys to top your initial clientele meeting:

Get the Basic Information

Briefly, you will need to estimate the costs and benefits of taking your potential client’s case from executive suites Denver. Here are some of the things you will need to know in an initial meeting:

  • The chance of winning the case.
  • The time you have to devote to the case.
  • Lead to future work with this client or similar clients.

You should also ask whether your potential client has met with any other lawyer from executive office space about their concern. If other lawyers have turned them down, the case might not have as much merit as you thought.

Search your client’s background

Before you take on a client, you may want to find out more about them. No law prohibits a quick computer search on a prospective client.

Know the goal of your potential client

One way to absolutely cement the client’s goal is to have them write it down. Writing down the client’s goal right away can be very useful later in the case if your client is hesitant to accept a settlement offer giving them everything they initially wanted.

Listen to your potential client

Be a good listener. Remember that the purpose of the initial meeting in meeting space Orlando is to get hired. If they feel rushed or not heard in the initial meeting, they may take their good case to another attorney.  Let them tell you their story in their own way, uninterrupted as possible, as long as the client is giving you relevant information.

Once they are done with their story, go back and confirm key issues and ask clarifying questions about what they have covered. Last, ask questions about anything they did not address.

Finish the interview

Three approaches to conclude an initial interview with your potential client:

  1. Agree to represent the client, including signing a contract.
  2. Use a “cooling off” period. Tell the client from executive suites Denver that the meeting is the start of a partnership and both sides should think before rushing the decision to work together.
  3. Wait to decide on working together based on additional information/documents.


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